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Welcome to King Street Fitness

At King Street Fitness We Love Fitness.

Does this ring a bell?

You're not getting enough money for the classes you teach

You're undervalued and underpaid

Most of the people come to your class for you...not for the facility!

If only you could afford your own space...

That's where King Street Fitness comes in!

We hire Independent Fitness Professionals to run Private Trainings and/or Group Classes in our facilities to allow them to build their experience and following.


Know Your Value - Earn Your Worth

Our Commission Based Model:

The more attendees you bring to class, the more you earn!

A flat rate + our commission model mean you WIN!

We are always looking to hire for the best in the business to run classes at our studios, especially student trainers.

Interested in learning more?

Send us a message!

King Street Fitness

Earn Your Worth

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